Growing up in a film-loving family, I developed a passion for storytelling from an early age. My mother is a writer and my dad, a musician. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I was about 13 when I discovered my dads 8track and first digital music sequencer, Cubase, on an Atari ST. I quickly fell in love with the endless possibilities of music production and started investing any money I had into new gear for my basement home studio. I went on to produce music with a variety of artists and also began making short films and music videos.

I did my formal training in Berlin as Audio-Visual Media Designer. This 3 year program is the technical and journalistic training program for many media professionals in Germany. I worked for three years in German television at TV United GmbH as Video Editor, motion graphics designer, creative director and cameraman in a wide variety of projects.

In 2009 I moved to Indonesia with my brother Bjorn Vaughn and started Borneo Productions International. Over ten years, we built a successful production company that focuses on environmental, social and economic films. Amongst our clients are the BBC, Channel 4, Channel News Asia, Ovation TV, the United Nations and many more.

In the current chapter of my life, I am dedicating to creative works in film, music and educational projects.