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Livestreaming, social media, video-on-demand: In our modern world, we consume video more intensively than ever before. That's why companies, organizations, and individuals are increasingly turning to audiovisual content to reach their target audiences - whether in the business, non-profit, or education sectors.

As an experienced professional with interdisciplinary competencies, I can help you develop and implement target-oriented formats for your communication strategy. Be it in the context of my workshops or as a video consultant.

"Ehrlich gesagt habe ich unsere Mitarbeiter noch nie so konzentriert bei einem Workshop erlebt. Sie haben in kurzer Zeit viel Wertvolles gelernt und Antworten auf all ihre Fragen bekommen."
„Pierce's Filmworkshop ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, um unsere Partner zu unterstützen. Dank seines Inputs können sie ihre internen Kapazitäten effizient ausschöpfen und so bessere digitale Medieninhalte produzieren."

What I offer

Video Consulting

Are you looking to launch a new media campaign, invest in video equipment or optimize workflows? I can help you make strategic decisions that will increase the cost-effectiveness of your film project at all levels. As a creative consultant, I focus on alternative angles that open up completely new perspectives for your communication strategy.

Workshops for companies

There are many ways to increase the quality of videos. I'll tell you which one is right for your project or company. My intuitive workshops will help your communications team optimize internal and external moving image production. During two varied days, I provide valuable input on identifying relevant target groups as well as on conception, shooting and post production - always with an open ear for questions of all kinds.

Workshops for organizations

Let me help your organization save costs and increase video quality at the same time. In easy-to-follow lessons, I and your team members will develop goal-oriented concepts that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of the various media platforms and communication channels.

Questions to which I give answers

  • Advice: How can you use the power of film for your purposes?

  • Storytelling: How do you tell stories that stay in the memory?

  • Formatwahl: Welches sind die unterschiedlichen visuellen & erzählerischen Formate?

  • Production planning: How does the path from script to post-production run smoothly?

  • Process optimization: How can you work effectively & cost-efficiently?

  • Interview Guide: How do I get authentic quotes for strong storytelling?

  • Equipment Education: Which video equipment makes the most sense for your needs?

My principle of creation

Working with a wide variety of clients has taught me a lot about video as a communication medium. One thing I've learned is particularly important: While every project is unique, there are certain principles that apply to all of them.

That is why the combination of absolute and concrete measures forms the foundation of all my concepts. How I can successfully realize these was shown to me not least by managing a film production agency in Indonesia.

My main focus is basically on three factors that are more important today than ever: authenticity, emotionality and cost efficiency.

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