Authentic Storytelling

Great stories start with a great idea. For me, script writing is one of the most enjoyable processes in filmmaking. From tapping the source of inspiration to designing a coherent dramaturgy to the creative finishing touches: I work with you to develop audiovisual stories that move.

All-In-One Video Production

Be it creative conception, various directorial work or post-production of diverse film and video formats: I can look back on over one and a half decades of successful work with international organizations, governments, brands and NGOs.

Professional post production

In my role as an experienced video editor, I've had the privilege of finalizing a wide range of video formats: including TV shows, documentaries, short films, industrial films, and commercials. Thanks to technical innovations and a wide network of creatives, I can help you achieve results with great impact.

What I offer

  • Conception: development of scripts, campaigns & strategies.

  • Production: budgeting & planning of all work steps.

  • Film production: direction, production & post-production: no matter if small or big project.

  • Delivery: Provision of the finished films in various formats for all platforms.

  • Sales: Competent advice on sales options.

  • Network: A talented pool of creatives & production companies to bring your project to life.

Let us discuss your project