Documentary & Development Films

Video production for associations, institutions &
the public sector

You’ve Got A Story To Tell?

Over the years, I have specialized in creative documentaries about social change. Using captivating moving images, I aim to tell personal stories and highlight the unique aspects of each project. Working closely together, we develop a unique concept that gets you the undivided attention of your target audience.

I want to help you reveal what matters. Together we can change the world!

Let’s Change The World!

Films for Development' is less a project for me than a matter of the heart. With high-quality video productions, I help humanitarian, social and environmental organizations to get their messages heard internationally. In this way, I want to actively contribute to depicting the really important issues of our time and drive change for the better. Especially since the consideration of ESG aspects (Environment, Social, Governance) is also becoming increasingly important for companies and governments. Translated with (free version)   

Provoking Thoughts

Stirring documentaries live from emotional storytelling. For more than a decade, I have been realizing gripping film projects for organizations around the globe that give the audience goosebumps, hope or even tears. The portfolio ranges from one-off productions to multi-part or monthly series or campaigns.

Work samples

What I offer

  • Conception: development of scripts, campaigns & strategies.

  • Production: budgeting & planning of all work steps.

  • Film production: direction, production & post-production: no matter if small or big project.

  • Delivery: Provision of the finished films in various formats for all platforms.

  • Sales: Competent advice on sales options.

  • Network: A talented pool of creatives & production companies to bring your project to life.

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