Filme für Selbständige
& Künsler:innen

Movies for self-employed & small business

Moving images are an attractive way to bring ideas to life. I support small entrepreneurs, start-ups and self-employed people in sharing their visions, products and services with the world: in constructive exchange and with customized creative concepts, scripts and production plans. In doing so, I am able to achieve high-quality results even on a small budget.

Films for journalists & directors

As a journalist and filmmaker, you want to focus on the core of the project: the story. For this, you need a team you can rely on. As an experienced cameraman and video editor, I support you in all production steps and can - if necessary - draw on a diverse network of creatives and production companies.

Films for artists

Together with a pool of talented actors, musicians and artists, I help your creative project make it to the big stage. Whether it's an exhibition documentary, short film or music video: I conceptualize, shoot and produce entirely according to your aesthetic vision. With a keen eye for beauty and budget.

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